Not only debut a new group at the same time but JYP and Big Hit also use a unique method of hinting

This is also the form of releasing hints and teasers used for the first time in Kpop!

So far, entertainment companies with newly debuted groups will hint the concepts, choreography, songs through photos and video teasers or some short highlights of that song. For the rookies, the teasing period is definitely one of the most important stages because it is the first impression of the public to each member and is also the most important part to attract the attention of the audience for their debut. The teasers must certainly contain curious elements to create expectations for the public.

And through the recent great success of ITZY, in addition to the expectation for the girl group from JYP, the way JYP teased and hinted about 5 talented girls also contributed to attracting the attention of the audience. In addition to the looks and talent of the rookies, which makes the fans equally curious is the voice of the members. With this idea in mind, besides the photo and MV teaser, JYP also released a unique “voice teaser” that made the fans extremely excited about the girls’ debut date to be able to hear the true voice of the idol.

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Following ITZY, on the 17th of February 2019, Big Hit also released TXT‘s new teasers. In addition to revealing concept images and detailed information about their debut, Big Hit also made fans constantly curious and excited because fan now hears the boys’ voices for the first time.

However, unlike ITZY, in TXT‘s “voice teaser”, the boys’ voices were mixed together and started more clearly in the following paragraph. Without showing the face of the members speaking, the fans’ expectations have increased dramatically since the introduction of TXT‘s voices has been very well hidden by Big Hit. The evidence is that the clips the members posted on Twitter are all muted, this is probably to preserve for the “voice teaser” recently posted.

newhint 2
“Voice Teaser # 01” – TXT
“Voice Teaser # 02” – TXT
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TXT will officially debut with the album “The Dream Chapter: Star” on March 4, 2019

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