Not Only BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Rosé But Angela Baby Jenny Zhang Were Also Criticized For Watching Lisa’s Nude Show

Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang were criticized for coming to “Crazy Horse.” 

After the controversial first night, BLACKPINK’s Lisa continued to perform the second night at the famous cabaret “Crazy Horse” in Paris, France. On this night, many famous stars such as Angela Baby, Jenny Zhang, Tyga, etc came to support the youngest member of BLACKPINK.

The appearance of the two Chinese stars Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang quickly received great attention, but not in a positive sense. Chinese netizens left many comments criticizing the two stars, even demanding their agencies to make an official announcement. Most netizens criticized Lisa’s striptease as degrading the value of women, and Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang’s support of this ideology damaged their image.

angela baby crazy horse
Angela Baby…

Previously, Jisoo and Rosé were also criticized by netizens for coming to support Lisa’s performance at the cabaret. On social networking forums, many negative comments were directed at Jisoo and Rosé, saying that the two female idols ruined the group’s image by supporting Lisa to perform at a scandalous nightclub: “It’s really YG’s style.” “At first I really wanted BLACKPINK to leave YG but now I see they’re all the same”, “Are they still sane?”, “Are you kidding, fans defended Lisa, and then praised the members’ friendship for supporting Lisa at the show”, “I’m a fan of Lisa, so disappointed”…

jisoo rose blackpink thumbnail
Jisoo and Rosé suddenly received a lot of criticism for supporting Lisa 

Lisa’s bold decision to perform is said to be her transition to a sexy image, matching with the European and American entertainment industry, but it also poses a big risk to her career. Previously, the General Director of Crazy Horse confirmed that Lisa would not have her own performance, but would only participate in existing performances with a group of topless dancers. Many angry netizens asked the youngest member of BLACKPINK not to use the title “Kpop idol”, claiming that her decision had a negative impact on many young fans and damaged the idol’s image.

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