“No More as-Ningning,” Ningning’s Revelation Made Fans Wonder If SM Terminated KWANGYA Concept 

Fans couldn’t help but notice the difference between aespa’s recent concepts and their initial ones

In a recent fansign event, where fans could talk and interact directly with aespa’s members, a fan asked Ningning to sing the song “Run.” This was a song the idol used to sing in a pre-debut video with her digital self “ae-Ningning.” However, the fan asked her to sing it without her ae.

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Upon hearing the fan’s request, Ningning said, “There’s no ae-Ningning now,” shocking the entire fandom. The revelation of the idol made fans wonder if aespa’s unique KWANGYA concept has been terminated.

aespa’s recent comebacks have also been re-examined. It’s noticeable that the concepts of the two albums “MY WORLD” and “DRAMA” shift away from the group’s original one, and the members’ digital selves were absent. 


Netizens have raised various speculations on the reason for this change, one of which is to make the group appeal to a broader audience.

Source: KB

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