SM Entertainment Criticized for Dressing aespa’s Giselle in a Revealing Top on TV

As the revealing top of aespa’s Giselle became a hot topic, past incidents of SM “mistreating” the female idol also resurface. 

aespa is currently SM Entertainment’s “golden goose” and a leading fourth-generation K-pop girl group. However, there have been cases where one of the members, Giselle, were not treated properly,

Recently, a teaser for the new episode of TV show “Amazing Sunday” featuring aespa sparked a social media uproar. In the show, Giselle wore a flimsy, strappy top that barely covered her front and left her entire back exposed. Moreover, the idol had to dance, causing the top to slip and the straps to loosen as if it might fall off. Fans were on edge, fearing she might suffer a wardrobe malfunction on TV. 

The teaser for aespa’s appearance on “Amazing Saturday” caused a stir due to Giselle’s dangerously revealing outfit.
aespa giselle
Netizens couldn’t believe their eyes as the top only covered the front and was barely held together 
aespa giselle
The flimsy, loose top slipped off while Giselle performed vigorous dance moves.
aespa giselle
The female idol constantly had to adjust her straps.

Immediately, fans harshly criticized the stylist and SM Entertainment for dressing the idol in such a revealing, inconvenient, and unsafe outfit. It wasn’t hard to find scathing comments like: “I can’t believe my eyes,” “This is basically stripping Giselle,” “It’s outrageous to make her dance in this,” “I thought I was seeing things, but the top only has clothes in the front,” and “Is the stylist even thinking?”

This isn’t the first time Giselle has been treated unfairly regarding clothes. In the past, the rapper often wears outfits that are sloppier compared to the other three aespa members. Giselle also usually wears her hair down in a plain, unstyled manner, unlike her well-styled groupmates.

Even brands, the press, and broadcasting companies have shown discriminatory behavior toward the idol. This has angered fans, who have repeatedly petitioned the management company, but the situation remains unchanged.

Giselle frequently gets stuck with shabby, mismatched outfits compared to the other three members.
While other members have well-styled hair, Giselle is often stuck with plain, unstyled hair.
aespa giselle
Korean media blurred Giselle’s face as if she were a staff member following aespa.
aespa sbs
The group has only four members, but broadcasters often don’t bother to include Giselle in the photos.
Brands book the entire group for advertisements but only use photos of the other three members.

Source: K14, Allkpop

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