NewJeans’ executive producer Min Hee-jin expresses desire for naturally cohesive group that aligns with current trends

NewJeans' executive producer Min Hee-jin expressed a desire for a naturally cohesive group that aligns with the current trends and offers differentiation in style

Her producing style, which avoids excessive conceptualization, has drawn attention from prominent Japanese media outlets like Real Sound. Despite not debuting in Japan, NewJeans has gained explosive popularity there, even receiving nominations at prestigious events like the TBS Japan Record Awards and performing at NHK’s year-end music festival.

Min Hee-jin sees NewJeans as a turning point in K-pop trends and emphasizes the integration of production and management in entertainment business. She dismisses the notion of comparing individual elements like concept, music, members and marketing separately, stressing their interconnectedness. NewJeans’ success, including charting on the Billboard Hot 100 without extensive overseas promotion or remixes, underscores the effectiveness of their approach.

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The selection of NewJeans’ members, each with unique personalities, was intentional to avoid redundant positions or images, fostering a supportive environment where individuality is respected. Min Hee-jin highlights the group’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn as their strengths, anticipating promising futures for each member. She aims to introduce diversity to the mainstream music scene and emphasizes capturing positive signals from the public to drive innovation.

Min Hee-jin’s approach focuses on overall trends rather than fragmented analysis of the market, relying on intuition rather than market research. She believes in adapting to the general public’s psyche and utilizing trends as a tool rather than being dictated by them. Despite speculation about NewJeans’ short track lengths, Min Hee-jin explains that the duration naturally aligns with each song’s development and flow. She emphasizes crafting tracks based on their coherence and completeness rather than adhering to arbitrary length standards.

Source: Naver

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