NewJeans’ Danielle faces criticism from some international fans for dubbing “The Little Mermaid”

NewJeans Danielle, who has fair skin, is receiving backlash overseas for acting as Ariel’s voice in the movie “The Little Mermaid”.

Following the news of Danielle’s voice acting as the main character Ariel in “The Little Mermaid“, the main theme song in Korean sung by Danielle sparked an explosive response.


However, some Americans are furious because the singer who dubbed the voice of Ariel, originally portrayed by a Black actress, is not black.

On April 7th, media outlets such as “Tomatazos” and “Market Research Telecast” reported the news of Danielle being cast as the voice actress for Ariel, stating, “This reflects Korean colorism, discrimination based on skin color.”

According to the reports, some fans in the United States and other countries are taking the fact that a black actress did not voice a character played by a black actress very seriously.


The media outlet stated, “Danielle has natural vocal talent and charm like Halle Bailey, but the contrast in skin color is noticeable. In East Asia, there is an excessive emphasis on white skin, which is one of Korea’s racially discriminatory expressions.”

One Twitter user emphasized, “This is not a parody. Feminists are furious about the fact that an actress who is not black dubbed the voice of Ariel in South Korea.

According to Disney, Danielle secured the role of Ariel through a rigorous audition process conducted by the Disney’s headquarters in the United States, which is known for strict standards in singing and delivering lines.


Danielle successfully passed the impromptu singing and dialogue tests on the audition site, where only sheet music was provided.

Furthermore, Danielle reportedly received a positive response in the dubbing evaluation by singing Korean songs and delivering lines in sync with the English mouth movements and timing of the character in the movie.

Source: Insight

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