Neurosurgeon on Ravi’s fake Epilepsy diagnosis, “You can’t get a military exemption after taking medicine for only a month or two”

A neurosurgeon talked about Ravi’s Military Service Act violation allegation.

KBS2’s “Entertainment company Plus”, which aired on January 19th, reported the news of VIXX rapper Ravi being booked by the police on charges of violating the Military Service Act.

It was previously revealed that Ravi received military service-related counseling and advice from brokers. Ravi earned a fake Epilepsy diagnosis through a doctor introduced by a broker.


In Neurosurgery, Epilepsy is a disorder that causes seizures or unusual sensations and behaviors. The neurosurgeon said, “There are grand mal seizures that cause convulsions all over the body and small seizures that cause convulsions in parts of the body. It is dangerous for those who drive or do works that need carefulness.”

He explained, “You can’t get a military exemption after taking the medicine for only a month or two”, adding “If an abnormality was found, you would be classified in Level 5. If you did the test and found no abnormality but have been taking medication for more than one year and can prove to have seizures, you would receive Level 4 result.”


Regarding the Military Service Law violation, the lawyer said, “You can be imprisoned for at least 1 year to no more than 5 years. You have to retake the physical examination and serve the military again according to the result”.

When Ravi’s military service evasion controversy broke out, agency GROOVL1N released an official statement, saying “Since the information is related to the military service issue, it is reasonable that we thoroughly understand the situation first before explaining them in detail. We are currently checking the fact”, adding “if there is any request related to this matter, we will faithfully comply with the investigation.”

Source: Daum

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