Additional statement from a Korean woman in her 30s who dated “Korean Englishman” high school student cast member

On July 15th, B, a Korean woman in her 30s who claims to have dated A, a high school student cast member of “Korean Englishman”, issued an additional statement through her SNS.

B said, “Online grooming is what happened to me. I’m twice his age. Who said ‘The bigger our age gap, the sexier you are’? Dozens of proof of cash demands. I didn’t seduce him first. Who would be the victim of online grooming?”


She rather claimed that she was a victim of gaslighting. B confessed, “Whenever I go shopping privately, he often says ‘This will suit me well’, ‘It’s so pretty’, ‘Can I have mine too?’, ‘Did you get money from your dad?’, ‘Is it for me?'”

B revealed, “While receiving your apology over the phone, I asked if you had slept with the Korean girl you knew through Tinder. You replied ‘I wish’. ‘Online grooming’ and ‘nearly twice his age’ ruined my whole life in an instant. Why do you do secondary harm if you don’t want things to get bigger? Korean Englishman.”


Earlier on July 11th, B caused a stir on social media by revealing that A, a high school student cast member of “Korean Englishman”, demanded expensive luxury gifts several times.

B said that she decided to reveal it after seeing A spend a night at another woman’s house. A knew this woman through the dating application “Tinder” when he came to Korea to film “Korean Englishman”. 

As the controversy grew, “Korean Englishman” concluded that A was “online groomed” by B, a Korean woman in her 30s. Online grooming refers to the act of attracting children and adolescents to sexually exploit them.


“Korean Englishman” said, “A was groomed into a financially incentivized relationship with a woman nearly twice his age. The school has taken steps to safeguard the boy’s well-being, and has informed us that they have now resolved the situation.”

They continued, “This whole situation has been stressful and traumatic, not only to the student, but to his fellow classmates, some of whom are minors. We will not further this narrative of shame by trying to edit out any of the boys.”


Finally, they added, “We would ask that all of you please do not engage with it either, and enjoy the series for what it is, 7 young British boys experiencing the depths and joys of a culture that 1 year ago they knew nothing about.”

Meanwhile, B has now turned her SNS account into private.

Source: Insight

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