Netizens strongly criticize “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Chinese remake: The main couple is slammed with criticism, “Pretty Li Hui Zhen” is also brought up 

The series is said to be “the worst Korean remake.” 

The Chinese remake of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,” “So It’s You” is being criticized for the lack of compulsion from the series’ characters and its plot. While the original work only had 16 episodes, the Chinese version is extended to 26 episodes, leading to many complicated and unecessary details. However, it is the main pair that came into the most criticism. 

Kim Bok-joo
The Korean original version, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” 
weightlifting fairy chinese
The Chinese remake of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” 

Luo Yu Tong plays Yuan Lai, a 19-year college student with a golden medal in Judo. In contrast to her description, Luo Yu Tong does not look like a person immersed in martial arts. Compared to the Kim Bok Joo by Lee Sung Kyung, Yuan Lai by Luo Yu Tong does not stand out and is “too generic.”  

weightlifting fairy chinese
Luo Yu Tong does not stand out in the series 
Lee Sung Kyung did not afraid to make herself look less presentable to play her part 

Derek Chang is the main target of criticism. Despite his successful portrayals in “Love The Way You Are” or “Prince of Wolf,” the viewers said they were shocked to see the actor in a more “frail” and “feeble” appearance for this role. While Jiang Gu Nan is supposed to be a grandmaster in swimming, Derek Chang could not convey his character’s attractiveness, despite being an attractive person himself in real life. 

weightlifting fairy chinese
weightlifting fairy chinese
Derek Chang caused many disappointment 
Nam Joo-hyuk
Nam Joo Hyuk boasted an toned body in his role in the original Korean series

Netizens also complained of the low quality of this drama specifically and of Chinese remakes in general. “Pretty Li Hui Zhen,” the Chinese remake of “She Was Pretty,” was brought up as a “stain” in Dilraba Dilmurat’s career. Despite the criticism, the actress still received “Best Actress” from the “China TV Golden Eagle Award” for her performance in the remake, at the shock of viewers. 

The audience showed their disappointment in Chinese remakes and said that Chinese series “should stop doing remakes” and that they preferred the original Korean couples and plots. 

weightlifting fairy chinese
Li Huizhen by Dilraba Dilmurat was criticized strongly 

“So It’s You” has aired all its episodes since January 10th without any significant achievement. The series produced by Mango TV received little praise at the start of 2023. 

weightlifting fairy chinese
weightlifting fairy chinese
Mango TV has not been on a good start with “So It’s You” 

Image: Mango TV

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