Netizens react to “Hellbound 2” cast lineup after removing Yoo Ah In & Yang Dong Geun and adding Moon Geun Young

Netflix’s series “Hellbound 2” faced various changes in the cast from the pre-production stage.

Netflix’s original series “Hellbound” centers around the supernatural phenomena in which people are sentenced to hell by the “angels” that appear out of a sudden, the religious cult called “New Truth”, which takes advantage of the chaotic world, and people who try to uncover the truth behind such mysterious incidents.

yang Dong geun

In “Hellbound Season 2” will depict the events that unfold after the resurrection of Park Jung Ja (Kim Shin Rok), who was already sent to hell, and Jung Jin Soo (Kim Sung Cheol) at the end of Season 1.

Turning a popular webtoon of the same name into a drama, “Hellbound” received explosive reactions as soon as it was released. However, prior to the production of Season 2, the main character actor Yoo Ah In was accused of habitually taking drugs. As a result, Yoo Ah In, who portrayed the key figure Jung Jin Soo in Season 1, had to drop out of the project before the new season filming begins.

Removing Yoo Ah In from the cast amid many concerns, “Hellbound 2” heralded a new start by introducing new characters and actors.

Kim Hyun Joo returns to Season 2 with more intense action scenes as Min Hye Jin, the attorney who stands against the Arrowhead group and follows the footsteps of Jung Jin Soo. In this regard, director Yeon Sang Ho hinted, “We can see Kim Hyun Joo’s remarkable transformation. She suffers from muscle pain every day.”

Kim Sung Cheol replaces Yoo Ah In to act as New World’s leader Jeong Jin Soo. Many viewers are raising curiosity about how he will express the fate of New World in “Hellbound 2” with his unique acting style.

Moon Geun young

Moreover, Moon Geun Young, who made a special guest appearance at the end of Season 1, will join the main cast for the second season. The actress is set to appear as the leader of the Arrowhead group under the name “Sunshine Teacher”.

Yang Dong Geun was cast to play the leader of the cult Sodo. However, on June 12th, an official from Netflix told XSports News that the actor would not be able to join “Healbound 2” due to personal circumstances.

According to Netflix, actor Hong Eui Joon will take over Yang Dong Geun’s position.

With the ongoing casting changes, it feels like “Hellbound” is experiencing a “hellish” situation, right from the start. There is a mixed reaction to the change of the main character, Jeong Jin Soo, and the cast changes that are garnering more attention than the content itself. With all the ongoing obstacles, it remains a question whether “Hellbound 2” will be able to overcome them and succeed at the box office.

Below are some comments from Korean netizens:

– I’m actually looking forward to the refreshed “Hellbound 2″

– Kim Sung Cheol might feel burdened as he’s not a completely new character but a replacement

– Is everyone only focusing on the cast changes in “Hellbound”?

– If the story is solid, it will be interesting regardless of the cast

Source: Daum

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