Netizen claims male idol fans should be worried now that BLACKPINK’s Jennie has broken up with BTS’s V 

Fans are mad at this trending post on the online community Nate Pann 

On December 6, reports revealed that the romantic relationship between BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie has come to an end. Speculation about the two idols dating had circulated since 2022, triggered by multiple leaked photos of their dates.

The breakup news between V and Jennie was out just ahead of V’s upcoming military enlistment and has become a hot topic online.

bts v jennie

A trending post on the community Nate Pann has particularly drawn attention. OP shared the news and wrote, “Jennie is single now. Male idol fans should be worried.” OP expressed their concern about Jennie’s potential next boyfriends among male idols, referring to her previous relationships with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and EXO’s Kai. 

In the comment section, fans expressed anger and criticized OP:

  • “Jennie’s currently the top idol, and it’s amusing how you’re concerned about her dating your bias, whom she likely doesn’t even know.”
  • “Get a life, you loser. Leave Jennie alone”
  • “How could you still turn a breakup into a way to hate Jennie?”
  • “Why make a fuss over a breakup news when there’s no official confirmation of their relationship in the first place?”
  • “So what if a 28-year-old woman dated three men? It’s her life. What’s the point of connecting her with unknown male idols? What does Jennie gain from dating them?”

Source: allkpop

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