NCT’s Taeyong’s Bar Scammed Massive Money, Fans Sent Protest Truck

People who got scammed by NCT’s Taeyong’s Bar have sent a protest truck to SM Entertainment and KBS

On December 10, a topic titled “A protest truck was sent to KBS over the huge scam of NCT’s Taeyong’s Bar” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing huge attention.

In particular, the truck can be seen in front of broadcasting station KBS and the building of SM Entertainment, and displays messages in Chinese, Korean, and English, which says, “Taeyong, how many million can you make in a year? Taeyong bar defrauded million in this debut period (2 months)”, “”Taeyong, they don’t actually love you, they just love money”, and “Leetaeyong Bar, you guys are a bunch of LIARS!”.

Alongside this, the author of the topic accused Taeyong of being a scammer, adding that of course his fans will be scammers too.

Additionally, they wrote, “During Taeyong’s solo, they (Taeyong’s bar) scammed fans with a  group order for his solo album. The two people behind this have been caught by the police and the bar’s operation has been halted. That’s why during the promotion for ‘Fact Check’ activities, Taeyong Bar’s group order number was extremely meager.” 

“The album that SM forced-release to promote Taeyong as a soloist, despite it never entering music charts, is said to have fake sales by a Chinese bar using private loans to scam money”, the author also said, adding that they hope Taeyong would go to the military soon. 

However, despite the author directing their insults at Taeyong, netizens defend the male idol, saying that his Chinese bar’s actions were not his fault at all. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • This isn’t even the idol’s fault, so why are you even attacking him?
  • Legendary disgrace
  • Why was this posted? This isn’t even related to Taeyong
  • It’s a bit weird to write something like this and attack the artist. What does the scam have to do with Taeyong?
  • I’m not a fan of NCT, and this is clearly the fans’ fault, not Taeyong himself….
  • I’m not interested in Taeyong, but as someone who watches the game, he’s always causing controversy. There isn’t a single bit of good news, and it seems like all kinds of bad articles are coming out… 

Source: Pann Nate

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