NCT Fans Doxed an Anti Who Purposely Destroyed Posters of NCT’s Doyoung 

An anti-fan was tracked down by NCT fans after being spotted purposely destroying posters of NCT’s Doyoung.

Recently, in celebration of NCT’s Doyoung’s 9th anniversary, fans gathered money to promote the male idol with subway posters. However, many of the posters ended up getting purposely destroyed, and an anti-fan was caught in the act. 

In particular, footage of the anti-fan in action while their acquaintance watched was published on the SNS platform X (formerly Twitter), drawing massive attention with over 2 million views. This footage has since been taken down, but fans who saw it still expressed their anger.

In fact, some fans have even tracked down the anti-fan who destroyed NCT’s Doyoung’s posters, sharing the perpetrator’s SNS accounts and concluding that they are in middle school. 

Some fans even started to share posts that show the anti-fan’s age and face, as well as make personal attacks about the anti’s appearance. 

Source: Krb, X

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