NCT 127’s Johnny Exposes Doyoung’s Social Media Addiction and Playful Banter Ensues

NCT127’s Johnny revealed that Doyoung might be addicted to social media

On October 12th, a video featuring NCT127’s guest appearance as uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘MMTG.’

Jaehyun said, “Johnny has exposed Doyoung as being addicted to social media.” In response, Doyoung exclaimed, “But it’s for my image management.”


Haechan then asked, “Who was the most recent person to post on Instagram?” Doyoung replied with a laugh, “That would be me,” revealing that he had posted something today.

Doyoung added, “But I don’t post on Instagram often, not even once a week.” Johnny quipped, “Isn’t it more about you posting boyfriend material photos than posting frequently?” and mimicked Doyoung’s pose, making everyone laugh.

Jaehyun commented, “It’s finally revealed.” He teased Doyoung, “It’s like someone is making me laugh, and I can’t help but laugh,” to which Doyoung defended himself, “I do laugh genuinely sometimes.”

Doyoung then humorously admitted, “I’m really embarrassed right now.”

Source: Daum

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