Top 10 most searched girlgroups in history: Only one 3rd gen group named among the battle of 2nd gen seniors

Recently, netizens on an online forum in Korea have collected the amount of search on Korean web portals from 2004 to now, then ranked the most searched girlgroups in Kpop history. Here are the top 10 most searched girlgroups on Korean websites from 2004 to the present:

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  1. SNSD

2. T-Ara


4. Wonder Girls


6. 2NE1


8. Girl’s Day

9. A Pink

10. Miss A

It can be seen from the list above, TWICE is the only 3rd gen girl group in the top 10, surrounded by the 2nd gen seniors. This has surprised and made Korean netizens admire TWICE’s popularity more. Besides, many people also pointed out the fact that up to 3 out of 4 girlgroups that JYP debuted are named in the rankings above, helping the company consolidate the title “creator of famous girl groups” in Kpop for many years.

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