Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Comforts Heartbroken Fan with a Twist

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon had time to counsel fans’ concerns

On December 7th, a video titled ‘To. X Counseling Room’ was uploaded to Taeyeon’s official channel, ‘Tangnamu Forest Welcome, TAEYEON.’

On this day, a story arrived from someone suffering from the pain of a past relationship with a colleague. The storyteller expressed their distress, saying, “You were so annoying, begging worse than anyone else when we started dating,” and eventually revealed that they quit the company because of it.

In response, Taeyeon asked, “During the dating phase, when both were excited and communicated well, what changed from the past?” She also inquired, “How can we curse together? Should I stick something in a doll for you?”

She went on to say, “If you’ve given your heart, that’s also a form of responsibility. While I may not fully understand your feelings, I’ll pray with you. I hope X overcomes the pain and difficulty.”

Source: daum

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