Korean Entertainment Industry Becomes ‘Lawless Zone’ For Indoor Smoking, Ji Chang-wook Is Not The Only Case

Indoor smoking has become a serious problem since Ji Chang-wook’s scandal arose during the Lunar New Year holiday

When the controversy over Ji Chang-wook smoking e-cigarettes during the rehearsal of JTBC’s “Welcome to Samdal-ri” arose, a video showing director Jang Hang-joon smoking while filming YouTube content also spread in online communities.

In the released video, both of them grabbed the e-cigarette without hesitation and the staff and actors around them did not seem to care much. In the case of Ji Chang-wook, he naturally smoked on the set even during the script rehearsal with other cast members such as Shin Hye-sun, Lee Jae-won, and Bae Myung-in, while director Jang Hang-joon held the e-cigarette even when he was aware that the camera was on.

ji chang wook

As the controversy intensified, Ji Chang-wook’s agency issued an apology. Director Jang did not apologize but his indoor smoking scene quietly disappeared from that YouTube content. The fact that both of them were spotted smoking indoors in official videos, not secretly taken footage, proved that neither the person who smoked nor the person who filmed and edited it was aware that indoor smoking was a problem. Some people in the industry commented, “Ji Chang-wook may think he was unlucky for getting caught smoking.”

These issues also explained that smoking has become a common thing on filming sets, where people have to stay in one place for a long time and focus on filming, and indoor smoking has been done more actively since the introduction of e-cigarettes without bad smells at the beginning of this year. An official said to SPOTV News, saying “Ji Chang-wook is not the only person who smokes indoors. Numerous actors have been smoking e-cigarettes naturally at the beginning of the year. The smoking culture has naturally cooled down”.

Haechan NCT

Aside from filming sets, indoor smoking has been found in other locations such as idols’ waiting rooms and practice rooms. EXO’s D.O and NCT’s Haechan were spotted smoking while filming their content and they had to apologize and pay fines. In the case of singer meenoi, dozens of cigarette butts in the astray were shown on her live broadcast.

Not only celebrities, but staff also take out e-cigarettes naturally and smoke in offices and conference rooms. A staff stated, “Smoking e-cigarettes is a daily routine even at company gatherings. Celebrities are often criticized for indoor smoking because they appear in front of the camera, but staff members do the same thing”.

Regarding this situation, some people pointed out that the entertainment industry should change their attitudes toward indoor smoking. Some choose e-cigarettes without nicotine to avoid regulation but it is hard to verify whether those products are non-nicotine.

In the past, an idol was almost suspended by broadcasters after getting caught smoking in the waiting room of a music show. Nowadays, idol groups are naturally taking out e-cigarettes everywhere, from waiting rooms to restrooms. A broadcasting official said, “If the current situation continues, countless celebrities will just apologize and repeat indoor smoking”.

Source: Nate

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