Navi Mentions Her Husband, “He Asked Me To Marry Him Even Before We Started Dating”

Singer Navi recalled her love story with her husband

MBC FM4U’s “Noon Song of Hope, I’m Lee Seok-hoon” broadcast on December 11th held the 2023 MBC FM4U Family Day Awards.

The Family Day Awards has been a special event since 2023 where radio hosts exchange programs with each other on December 11th. Lee Seok-hoon hosted “Noon Song of Hope” as a special DJ while Kim Shin-young hosted “Lee Seok-hoon’s Brunch Cafe”.

Singers Navi and Cheon Danbi made their guest appearances. During the radio, a 21-year-old listener who just dated for the first time sent a story, saying “Our love is so deep to the extent that I want to marry the other person, but people around me gave advice like ‘Wait for the right time’, ‘You’ll feel it when the time comes’, etc”, adding “I wonder why I couldn’t feel it myself”.

Navi also shared the same opinion. She said, “Since you’re having your first romance, you will feel good and refreshing”. The female singer advised, “Just love as much as you can, to the point that you want to marry that person and gain many experiences”, adding that they would meet better people even after breaking up.

Navi got married in 2019. When asked if she got the feeling from her current husband, Navi said, “Before dating, when we were still flirting with each other, my husband already told me, ‘We should marry each other’”, drawing laughter.

Revealing that her husband brought her the marriage registration after they dated for only a month, Navi said, “My husband was very active in love”, adding “Right after we started dating, he kept saying things like ‘I feel like I want to marry this person’, ‘It would be very interesting if we get married’, etc.” In the end, the two got married after two years of dating.

Hearing that, Lee Seok-hoon commented, “So you got that feeling right after dating him”.

Source: Daum

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