“My little sister, finally” Jang Seong-won revealed Jang Na-ra’s wedding photo with handsome groom

Actress Jang Na-ra’s wedding was celebrated by her older brother, actor Jang Seong Won.

On June 26th, Jang Seong Won uploaded a video of Jang Nara‘s wedding on Instagram. The actor captioned it with: “Thank you very much for giving this day to the person who has lived a good and hard life. Please congratulate my little sister a lot. She will live well ^^ #MarriageCongratulations #MySister #FinallyMarried #I will congratulate her.”

He also added the sweet message: “You were pretty today”.

jang na ra wedding

The released video showed Jang Nara in her wedding with a cinematographer 6 years younger than the actress, held in Seoul on the afternoon of June 26th. In the video, the couple was entering the wedding hall while holding hands, amid the cheers of guests.

jang na-ra

In addition, Jang Seong Won released a wedding photo of Jang Nara and the groom, saying, “Congratulations on your wedding. I want to show all the pretty sides of the couple, but in order to protect the groom…“, while covering the face of his now brother-in-law, who’s a non-celebrity. In the photo, Jang Nara was dressed in a gorgeous white wedding dress, while her husband donned a classy tuxedo.

jang na ra wedding

Jang Nara’s husband is a cinematographer she met while filming the drama “VIP” in 2019, known to be 6 years younger than the actress.

jang na ra wedding

Previously on June 3rd, Jang Nara announced on her official account that she decided to marry her boyfriend after two years of dating, saying: “I’m getting married!”  The actress also talked about her groom with fondness, expressing: “I fell in love with his pretty smile, sincerity and good heart, and, above all, his dedication to his work.”

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