Son Ye-jin dropped down on the floor after sobbing in the behind-the-scenes of “Thirty, Nine” 

The behind-the-scenes still cut of JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Thirty, Nine” has been released. 

Thirty Nine-behind the scene

Thirty, Nine” is a real human romance drama that deals with in-depth stories about friendship, love, and life of three friends who are just around the corner of turning 40. The story is firmly capturing the hearts of viewers with a heart-breaking story.

Above all, the appearance of its unique characters and the acting skills of actors who perform with all their might create a synergy and a great scene every time. As a result, people are curious about how the actors will look behind the camera and the filming site of “Thirty, Nine.”

The behind-the-scenes photos released on Mar 11th showed the main characters on the filming site, including Son Ye-jin (playing as Cha Mi-jo), Jeon Mi-do (playing as Jung Chan-young), Kim Ji-hyun (playing as Jang Joo-hee), Yeon Woo-jin (playing as Kim Sun-woo), Lee Moo-saeng (playing as Kim Jin-seok), and Lee Tae-hwan (playing as Park Hyun-jun).

First of all, Son Ye-jin‘s dazzling figure, which exudes the elegance of Cha Mi-jo‘s character even behind the camera, attracts attention. In particular, the viewers can feel her passion as she sat on the floor and monitored the scene where she cried while holding Kim Jin-seok (Lee Moo-saeng).

The moment of Jeon Mi-do’s deep focus was also captured. Not only did she not take her eyes off the script during break time, but she also constantly communicated with the production team, and she was completely immersed in her role of a time-limited woman ahead of her death. Therefore, the affection for Jung Chan-young‘s character is increasing day by day.

Kim Ji-hyun‘s subtle smile, which resembles Jang Joo-hee, a pure weird girl in the play, radiates warmth. Jang Joo-hee‘s lovely charm, which automatically induces laughter from everyone whenever she appears, is still the same even when the camera is turned off. Her own loveliness once again fascinated the viewers.

It is also interesting to see Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Moo-saeng and Lee Tae-hwan showing different love for the three friends. Among them, Yeon Woo-jin shows the essence of romance as Cha Mi-jo‘s reliable boyfriend, and his unique warm charm is also pouring out on the set.

Unlike his heavy and miserable appearance in the drama, Lee Moo-saeng, who is well-received for his heartbreaking tearful acting, looks at the camera with a bright face, making women’s hearts flutter. Lastly, Lee Tae-hwan‘s handsome smile, which gives “virgin loserJang Joo-hee butterflies, is added to give viewers a glimpse into the vivid atmosphere of “Thirty-Nine“.

As such, the “Thirty-Nine” cast’s chemistry is shining brightly through actions such as sharing opinions for a better picture or putting heads and monitoring together. These actors’ sincere efforts are conveyed with deep emotions every week, making viewers fall into the lives of the characters.

Now that the turning point has been reached, “Thirty-Nine“, which makes viewers curious about what stories are waiting for them in the second half, is scheduled to continue airing every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM.

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