‘Most Scandalous Korean Male Star’ Park Yoo-chun Commits Tax Evasion Following Sexual Crimes & Drug Use

Park Yoo-chun continued to face a backlash from netizens due to scandals

According to Korean media on December 14th, Park Yoo-chun was recently caught evading taxes. The National Tax Service recently announced the list of tax defaulters and Park Yoo-chun was one of them.

OSEN reported that the JYJ member did not pay a total of 5 kinds of taxes and the total amount of defaults was up to 409 million won. His tax evasion method has not been disclosed to the media.

Known as a talented singer and actor, Park Yoo-chun began to receive harsh criticism ever since he got involved in numerous private life controversies and scandals, such as sexual assaults, drug use, and luring fans to have sex. 

park yoo chun

In addition, Park Yoo-chun’s long-time manager also made various shocking revelations about the male star. According to the manager, Park Yoo-chun has dated more than 50 girlfriends and even lived with a married woman. Due to his scandalous private life, Park Yoo-chun was banned from doing activities in Korea.

In addition, actor Park Jun-gyu and screenwriter Choi Wan-gyu also appeared on the list of tax defaulters. An official from the National Tax Service revealed that Park Jun-gyu failed to pay 334 million won worth of 6 taxes, while writer Choi evaded 1.16 billion won. Park Jun-gyu is known to have made fake reports about the income of his manager to evade taxes, while Choi Wan-gyu was imprisoned for 1 year and 2 months.

Source: K14

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