Most important character in “The Good Bad Mother” finale: surprisingly youthful in real life

Although this actress doesn’t have much screen time in “The Good Bad Mother”, she plays a crucial character for the drama’s finale.

With only two episodes left, “The Good Bad Mother” is about to conclude its journey on the small screen. However, there are still many unanswered questions that need to be resolved in the remaining part of this series. Among them, the most important question revolves around the fate of Hwang Soo Hyun (played by Ki Eun Se), the secretary of Song Woo Byeok. She was placed as a secretary for Oh Tae Soo with the purpose of finding his weak point as a politician. In the end, her pregnancy with Oh Tae Soo became a life-threatening weakness that prevented him from participating in the election.

From what was revealed in “The Good Bad Mother” so far, Hwang Soo Hyun is presumed dead, placing the male lead Kang Ho (played by Lee Do Hyun) as a prime suspect. While it is true that Kang Ho was tasked with killing Hwang Soo Hyun and her child, he made efforts to protect them instead, and help them escape to a foreign country. The fate of Hwang Soo Hyun and her newborn child, as well as the identity of the person who harmed her, is the key to resolving all the issues in the drama’s finale.

ki eun se
Ki Eun Se in “The Good Bad Mother”

Throughout the run of “The Good Bad Mother”, the character Hwang Soo Hyun always appeared in an exhausted state, while dressed in simple attire. However, Ki Eun Se, who portrays Hwang Soo Hyun, boasts fresh and youthful visuals in real life. 

In fact, considering the actress’ youthfulness, many viewers were shocked when they discovered that Ki Eun Se is 40 years old, and some even started to compare Ki Eun Se’s beauty to that of the “nation’s first love”, Suzy.

On the other hand, Ki Eun Se was born in 1983. Although she is highly regarded for her acting abilities, her filmography has been relatively modest, with few projects and prominent roles. Throughout her career, Ki Eun Se has mainly played supporting roles, and one of her most memorable appearances was in the drama “Racket Boys.”

Though there is not much impressive about her acting career, Ki Eun Se manages to shine in the fashion field. In particular, the actress is known for her stylish, eye-catching, and youthful yet elegant fashion sense, and frequently collaborates with major brands for advertisements, as well as consistently participates in fashion weeks.

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