“He is good at flirting” EXID Hani reveals her first impression of “this” male celebrity

EXID Hani talked about her first impression of actor Park Sun Ho.

On December 15th, a video featuring Hani of girl group EXID and actor Park Sun Ho was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Yong Jin Health Center”.

In the released video, MC Gabee asked the two guests, “What was your first impression of each other?”.

Hani Park Sun Ho

Regarding Lee Sun Ho, Hani said, “He is good at flirting. He’s amazing”.

MC Lee Yong Jin said, “He seems to be a person with much manners. A while ago, he tried to prevent her from hitting the edge when they were changing seats”, revealing what he had observed.

When asked, “You did that on purpose, right?”, Park Sun Ho said, “Yeah, just in case she bumps the edge…”

Hani confessed, “He’s good at giving comments and doing actions that make others fall in love with him”.

Hani Park Sun Ho

Lee Yong Jin responded, “On one side it can be a manner while on the other side it can be flirting”, adding “Were you trying to flirt with her?”. As soon as Park Sun Ho heard that, his face turned red.

Gabee said, “Girls can notice those guys who do that on purpose to look good. But I saw him a while ago and he just did it naturally with no intention”, explaining the situation.

Source: wikitree 

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