Most gorgeous K-drama actress in ongoing series: a mix of Han So Hee and Shin Se Kyung with impressive acting 

A rising K-drama actress is becoming the talk of town among Korean netizens.

The K-drama “One Dollar Lawyer” (also known as “One Thousand Won Lawyer”) is among ongoing series with the highest viewership ratings. Contributing to the success off the show is Nam Goong Min’s impressive acting, as well as the appearance of rising actress Kim Ji Eun. Boasting remarkable acting skills and a gorgeous visual, Kim Ji Eun has become the talk of town, and some netizens even hailed her as “the most gorgeous K-drama actress in ongoing series”.

Kim Ji-eun One Dollar Lawyer
Kim Ji Eun’s stunning visual in “One Dollar Lawyer”
Kim Ji-eun One Dollar Lawyer
The actress is receiving praise for both her acting skill and appearance 

Born in 1993, Kim Ji Eun made her acting debut in 2015, though she only assumed supporting roles with barely any screen time. Instead, the actress drew attention via her appearances in the music videos of Kpop boy groups, including 2PM and FT Island. At the time, her performance drew attention, and her visuals were a nice bonus.  

Kim Ji Eun
Kim Ji Eun’s visuals 

After a long time taking on supporting roles and MV appearances, in 2021, Kim Ji Eun landed a leading role in “The Veil”, where she worked alongside famous actor Nam Goong Min. Then, she assumed another important role in “Again My Life”, where she co-starred with Lee Jun Ki. Now, as Kim Ji Eun reunites with Nam Goong Min with “One Dollar Lawyer”, the public is finally recognizing her as a “late bloomer” who deserves more attention. 

At the same time, many netizens find resemblances between the beauty of Kim Ji Eun and other female stars, such as AOA Seolhyun, Apink Naeun, SNSD Yoona, BLACKPINK Jisoo, and ITZY Ryujin. Netizens, however, most often call the actress “a mix of Shin Se Kyung and Han So Hee.”

Kim Ji Eun
Kim Ji Eun is compared to a lot of stunning female stars 

Source: K14

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