Monsta X Jooheon announces enlistment on July 24th, “Military service is what I must do”

Monsta X member Jooheon delivered the news of his upcoming enlistment to fans through a heartfelt handwritten letter.

On July 11th, Jooheon posted a long handwritten letter on Monsta X’s official fancafe.

Jooheon carefully said, “The time I’ve spent uiwth the members and Monbebe (Monsta X’s fandom) is so precious and happy. Therefore, I’m finally telling you this news today because I want to spend this time with everyone more fully”.

MONSTA X Jooheon

Announcing the news of his enlistment, the Monsta X member confessed, “I’m going to enter the army on July 24th”, adding “Actually, I thought a lot about the good timing to tell you the news. Since there’s little time before my enlistment than I thought, I’m writing this letter with lots of worries.”

Conveying his honest feelings, Jooheon said, “Above all, I wanted Monbee to smile happily when you saw me at the fancon and enjoyed the performances. I wanted to do such things for you, so I’m finally delivering the news today”, adding “I’m still worried about Monbebe who will be upset about the little time we have left, but I think I would write the same thing even if I turned back time because I’ve already captured each and every moment of Monbebe looking so happy.”

He continued, “Fulfilling military service is also something I must do. I will serve bravely and come back safely”, adding “I’m not leaving forever, so don’t worry. Just look up at the sky every day and remember what I said. Promise me that you will think of Jooheon at least once a day!!”.

MONSTA X Jooheon

Lastly, he said, “I’ll show you better performances when I return. Like I said, let’s think of this time as a comma. It’s not the end but only a comma that I put in this progress of moments to continue later on”, adding “I love you, Monbebe”.

As a result, Jooheon will be the third member of Monsta X to enlist. Earlier, leader Shownu began serving military service as a social service worker in July 2021 and was already discharged in April this year. Minhyuk enlisted in April and is still serving in the army.

Meanwhile, Jooheon’s group Monsta X successfully completed “2023 MONSTA X 7TH OFFICIAL FANCLUB MONBEBE FAN-CONCERT ‘MX FRIENDS’” held at KSPO Dome, Seoul on the 8th and 9th of July.

Source: Daum

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