Beautiful Actress Told Fans To Stop Spending Money On Her, “Get Your Refund”

Lee Se-hee draws attention by thanking her fans for their gifts and asking them not to spend money on her.

On December 8, Lee Se-hee posted a video taken in front of a subway ad prepared by her fans. Lee was born on December 22, 1991, and it seems that her fans have prepared a subway ad event ahead of her birthday to show their love.

However, Lee Se-hee wrote to her fans, “Ha, don’t do it. Thank you so much. But please don’t spend money on me.

Lee Se-hee

Prices have gone up so much these days, but you spent money on this. I really don’t think this is right,” Lee said. “No, of course I feel great. But no. Sebagi please buy yourself some vitamins. Please, please!” “Sebagi” refers to Lee’s fans.

In addition, Lee Se-hee showed her deep love for fans, saying, “On my birthday, listening to me, Sebagi’s health is my joy, so if you say, ‘I drink a lot of vitamins today!’ and send me a proof photo, I will be really proud and happy.

Lee Se-hee

Finally, Lee Se-hee said, “I saw this today, so get a refund of the ad and take vitamins. Silly you. Thank you so much. I love you my silly Sebagi,” expressing her gratitude.

Lee Se-hee touches fans enough by visiting the subway advertisement, and her telling fans not to spend money is even more heart-warming.

Meanwhile, Lee Se-hee made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2015 by appearing in the music video of singer Na Yoon-kwon’s song “364 Days of Dream.” Later, she appeared in JTBC dramas “Live On” and tvN’s “Hospital Playlist Season 2.” She played the heroine Park Dan-dan in KBS 2TV weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” last year and gained a lot of love.

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