Momoland’s JooE Has No Company Right Now, Preparing for “Queendom Puzzle” Stage with Her Own Money

Momoland’s JooE reveals her life as a singer and her own manager.

On June 20th, during the broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Queendom Puzzle’, the ‘Up-Down Battle’ was followed by the first team mission, the ‘7:7 Team Battle’. On this day, JooE chose Sunmi’s ’24 Hours’ as her song choice for the stage.

Before the performance, JooE said, “I don’t have a company right now. There’s no one to stop me.” She expressed confidence by saying, “This is a picture I have decided and created on my own. I believe I will do well.

While waiting, JooE’s fellow 1st team members asked her how she prepared, to which JooE surprised them by revealing, “I prepared everything on my own, from driving to choreography, stage planning, and outfits, using my own money.”

In reality, JooE drew attention by independently deciding and preparing everything, from driving to the choreography team, stage planning, and costumes.

Source: Nate

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