MOMOLAND Jane Denies Rumors, but SEVENTEEN Joshua Remains Silent?

MOMOLAND Jane recently shut down rumors that she was SEVENTEEN Joshua’s ex-girlfriend.

On August 18th, a clarification post that MOMOLAND Jane had uploaded to a fan community platform was circulated online, sparking interest.

In particular, Jane wrote, “Once again today, I searched my name as usual. I find it quite absurd and cautious, not knowing what to say, but at least to our fans, I dare to write because I want to tell them.”

She continued, “Throughout my entertainment career, I’ve never dated anyone mentioned in private, not even those nearby, and have no connection whatsoever. I have no idea why such talk persists from that time until now, years later. I know nothing about it.” 

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On August 8th, an online community post titled ‘Isn’t this the first time Joshua’s girlfriend got exposed?’ claimed, “At an end-of-year awards ceremony, whenever a specific member of that girl group (MOMOLAND) performed on stage, SEVENTEEN members kept looking at Joshua. When the girl group and SEVENTEEN were both in the artist seating area, that female idol went towards the waiting room, and Joshua followed right after her.

It seems that in her clarification, Jane denies rumors of her being a former lover of SEVENTEEN Joshua.

Earlier, SEVENTEEN Joshua was embroiled in dating rumors with Cho Mi Young – an influencer. A series of evidence, such as their use of matching items, or Joshua’s livestream from the rumored girlfriend’s house, has been widely spread on social media networks.

Although fans have continuously sent trucks to the HYBE headquarters, requesting Joshua and the company to speak up about this issue, the SEVENTEEN member still remains silent. Since the dating rumors erupted, Joshua has only appeared once on Weverse to show his affection for fellow members Seungkwan and S.Coups. After that, he and the other SEVENTEEN members were present at the airport to head to Japan for their upcoming schedule.

Currently, fans are divided into two streams of opinions. Many people choose to support the idol’s private life. On the other hand, many fans are threatening to boycott the group if the company does not issue an official statement.

Source: Daum

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