MOAs are angry at HYBE for the unreasonable aspects of TXT’s merchandise and ask ARMYs to boycott with them

A post on Pann expressing anger at HYBE for TXT’s unreasonable goods is gathering attention from netizens.

On November 11, a post was made on the popular Korean online forum Pann, mentioning the unreasonable aspects of TXT’s new merchandises. This post has received 70,700 views, 446 agrees and 8 disagrees, along with 153 comments, most of which are from angry MOAs.

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More specifically, the OP criticized HYBE for including only one random double-sided photocard in TXT’s 2022 season’s greetings. A KPOP group’s season’s greetings are packages with their photo calendar, photobook planner, photos, photo cards of all members, etc. HYBE putting only one random photo card in this merch will stimulate fans to spend unreasonable money to buy more packages in order to get the card of their favorite member. Moreover, TXT’s new season’s greetings are said to be too expensive with only one photo card. The writer also pointed out that MOAs are expressing their anger on this issue on Twitter and call for a joint boycott with ARMY to better the situation for both groups.

The post is as follows:

HYPE did it again, They are making me f**king angry

Who would put random photo cards in the season’s greetings? Who is this mo**** f***er that came up with the idea to put random photo cards in the season’s greetings? It’s even a double-sided card. Is it an unofficial snaps good or something ? ㅜㅜㅋㅋ They were criticized so much but I guess they didn’t learn their lessons. I don’t know about the 20,000won, 30,000won goods, but Big Hit gives us one random photo card and charges us 40,000 won. From a common-sense point of view I can’t understand them. In addition, all companies have switched from physical CDs to QR code, but HYPE’s albums keep getting more expensive.

txt season greating . .

Photo 1: TXT’s random photo cards

Abundance my a**, f***

They should at least speak the truth even if their mouth is crooked.

Even though the criticism has gone down a bit… There’s still a lot of real-time trends related to boycotts and complaints about the new goods. HYPE, what are you doing? Did you get shot in the head? Are you trying to make ARMYs and MOAs fight?

Shouldn’t we boycott it with our neighbor? We need to all burst out so that we can at least get our minds together. But the BTS’s season’s greetings have a photo card set. It’s not like they are testing it with TXT. I feel disgusted.”

  • [+175, -1] If ARMY and MOA all boycott together, wouldn’t HYPE be more careful with its job? ㅜㅜ I hope so.
  • [+153, -1] Let’s really boycott together. We have to do it together or there’s no impact.
  • [+121, -1] The neighbors say they will boycott, too.
  • [+32, -0] MOA’s situation would become like ARMY’s in a few years… We have to boycott together in times like this ㅠㅠ

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