Kim Sae Ron’s “part-time job photos”…Coffee franchise “She has never worked part-time at our store”

Regarding the fact that Kim Sae Ron uploaded photos of her wearing an apron and a hat of franchise A, Company A claimed, “It has been confirmed that Kim Sae Ron has never worked part-time at any store in the country.”

On March 11th, an official in charge of Company A’s public relations said, “The store owner knows that a part-timer at store B in Gyeonggi-do is Kim Sae Ron’s friend, but the store owner told me that Kim Sae Ron has never worked part-time there either. Currently, the part-timer known as Kim Sae Ron’s friend quit in September last year, so I don’t know exactly how these photos were taken. I’m trying to figure out the specific situation.”


The official explained, “After these photos were reported, the head office received an inquiry call, and I heard that the store owner was also aware of the issue. The dark kitchen photo was not taken in our store either. We don’t have a separate baking space.”

Earlier in the morning of March 11th, Kim Sae Ron posted photos looking like she was working part-time on her personal account.


In the photos, Kim Sae Ron appeared to be working at a coffee chain. It is unknown what she meant by posting these photos, but she makes everyone think, “She is working part-time here.”

The photos were uploaded on Kim Sae Ron’s personal account about 10 months after she posted an apology for drunk driving in May last year. It seems to be related to the flood of criticism she received after complaining about financial difficulties at her first trial. Of course, Kim Sae Ron did not directly say that she was “working part-time”, but there is plenty of room for misunderstanding the photos as “part-time proof shots”. Moreover, after related articles poured out, there was no clarification or explanation in this regard, further strengthening this speculation.


On March 8th, the Seoul Central District Court held the first trial of Kim Sae Ron, who was indicted on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving). Here, Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer said, “The defendant is currently supporting her family as the eldest daughter, and her family is also struggling with financial difficulties after paying a large amount of compensation for damages.” However, it was later pointed out that she hired a leading lawyer from one of the top 10 law firms in Korea for herself.

Meanwhile, on May 18th last year, Kim Sae Ron caused an accident in which she crashed into guardrails, street trees and transformers while driving under the influence of alcohol near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Kim Sae Ron’s blood alcohol level was found to be 0.227%, enough for her license to be revoked.

Source: Nate

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