Mina, Tzuyu, Ji Hyo (TWICE) show their caring and sweet personality through their behavior with staff members

The warm and lovely personality of the three TWICE’s members received positive responses from netizens.

On July 30, episode 5 of the reality show “Time to TWICE: Tdoong Forest” was broadcast with many lovely moments of TWICE. After finishing the meal cooked by the members themselves, TWICE was divided into many small groups to perform different tasks. Nayeon, Sana make handmade bracelets. Dahyun tried to make perfume, Jeongyeon painted shoes, Momo and Chaeyoung made sandwiches.

Meanwhile, Jihyo baked sweet potatoes; Mina and Tzuyu cooked Injeolmi dessert together. After finishing the dishes, the three girls all acted warmly to the staff members. Jihyo showed a kind personality when quickly inviting the filming staff to taste the baked potato. She also checked the temperature of the potato before giving it to the cameraman and repeatedly asked: “Do you want to try this?”, “This is delicious. Is it hot?”. After that, Jihyo said she would give the cameraman more when the potato had cooled down.

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On the other side, Mina and Tzuyu also made Injeolmi for the staff members. This is a rather elaborate rice cake dish. The two girls take a long time to steam and pound the glutinous rice flour mixture, then cut it into small pieces and then bread it with dried bean paste. When they finished, Tzuyu was tired so she sat down to rest, and Mina walked around the set to invite the staff. “Do you want to taste it?”, Mina asked one of the staff. When the staff praised them for a delicious cake, Mina beamed and asked, “Is it really delicious? I’m so happy!”. Although Tzuyu couldn’t personally invite the staff to eat dessert, she still went around to see if everyone liked it.

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The warm and caring gestures to the staff member of Mina, Jihyo and Tzuyu made ONCE’s heart melted. The netizens highly appreciated the act of inviting staff to try a meal. It shows the close and friendly relationship between TWICE and everyone around. Netizens left many comments praising the kind and lovely personalities of TWICE’s members. Besides the netizens also praised Mina, Tzuyu, and Jihyo, Sana for helping the staff clean up the wine bottles in the house.

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Some people commented: “Mina and Jihyo share everything with the staffs. Tzuyu gives the staff drinks and Sana helps the staff with cleaning. These girls are so kind and humble. I’m sure the staffs feel very happy to work with them”; “One of the things I love about being a TWICE fan is because of their personalities. I’ve seen the members taking care of the staff around them. They really care about everyone”; “Mina is beautiful, elegant, smart, gentle, and also very warm”; “The way Jihyo invites the cameraman to eat baked potatoes is so natural, showing her real-life personality is amazing”; “Mina is so kind and delicate that when she invited the staff to eat the cake, she said it was made by Tzuyu, not referring to herself”…

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