‘Mask Girl’ webtoon’s authors revealed why all villain characters are female

Amidst the Buzz around Netflix Drama ‘Mask Girl,’ the webtoon’s writers Mae-mi and Hee-se’s Past Interview Garners Netizens’ Attention

Recently, as the Netflix drama ‘Mask Girl’ continues to gain attention, an interview from the past with Mae-mi and Hee-se, the writers of the original webtoon, has caught the eyes of netizens.

In a recent post on major online communities like TheQoo, the writers of the original webtoon ‘Mask Girl,’ Mae-mi and Hee-se, shared their thoughts after concluding the second part of ‘Mask Girl’ and mentioned that all the villain characters in the series are female. They stated, ‘While it’s difficult to relate to the commonly used phrase ‘a woman’s enemy is another woman,’ in the case of ‘Mask Girl,’ it holds true from certain perspectives.’

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At that time, Mae-mi and Hee-se explained, ‘Since in ‘Mask Girl,’ both the main and supporting characters are female, it’s inevitable that a woman’s enemy would be another woman. Both the protagonist and the antagonist are women. We apologize if this makes anyone uncomfortable. We are drawn to portraying intriguing bad women, and we want to continue depicting various types of bad women in the future.’

Following the release of ‘Mask Girl,’ Mae-mi and Hee-se continued their stories with ‘Great Bang Ok-sook,’ which revolves around women who protect apartments with a view of the Han River but end up leaving bodies in the river. They also serialized ‘Pal-I People,’ which tells the story of Park Joo-yeon, an ordinary married woman who sells baby products on social media, and her obsession with Kim Ye-hee, a high school friend and a celebrity with 700,000 followers, after ‘Mask Girl.’

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Netizens who read Mae-mi and Hee-se’s thoughts in the post also commented, ‘It was great to see various women characters,’ ‘Their works portray stories of abnormal people rather than the common ‘woman vs. woman’ theme, which is refreshing,’ ‘ ‘Pal-I People’ is also interesting.’

On the other hand, the drama ‘Mask Girl,’ which was released on the 18th, is a thriller that follows the story of Kim Momi, who has appearance-related complexes and ends up getting entangled in unexpected events while working as an internet broadcast BJ at night.

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Lee Han-byeol, a rookie actress, takes on the role of Kim Momi, a former plastic surgeon who works as a regular office worker during the day and as BJ Mask Girl at night while struggling with appearance-related insecurities.

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Nana takes on the role of Kim Momi after plastic surgery, living under a new identity as ‘A-reum’ after committing a murder. The role of middle-aged Kim Momi, who suffered from the side effects of plastic surgery and spent 16 years in confinement, is portrayed by actress Go Hyun-jung.

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Ahn Jae-hong plays the character Joo-nam in the drama. Joo-nam is an assistant manager at the same company as Kim Momi and accidentally discovers the identity of BJ Mask Girl, leading to complications in Kim Momi’s life.

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Played by Yeom Hye-ran, Kim Kyung-ja is Joo-nam’s mother and the antagonist who relentlessly pursues Kim Momi.

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