“Mask Girl” actor to marry beautiful bride today (Dec 2nd)

Actor Jong Ho is getting married today (Dec 2nd)

On Dec 2nd, Jong Ho will enter into a lifelong covenant with his non-celebrity partner at a venue in Seoul.

Earlier, through his agency Bless Ent, Jong Ho expressed his feelings, “I’m happy to have a lifelong companion. She’s a person I’m very grateful for, who has filled the shortcomings in me and will spend the rest of my life together. I sincerely thank everyone who has supported and congratulated us.” He also shared wedding photos taken with his beautiful partner.

Meanwhile, Jong Ho debuted with the movie “The Prison” and appeared in various works such as “Ordinary Person”, “Psychokinesis”, “Golden Slumber”, “The Great Battle”, “Love, Again”, “Slate”, “Falsify”, “Criminal Minds”, “Grand Prince”, “Rose Mansion” and “Mask Girl“.

Moreover, Jong Ho has been cast in Netflix’s “Gyeongseong Creature” and “Karma” as well as Disney+’s “Shop of the Lamp”.

Source: Daum

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