“Marry My Husband” Trash Husband Lee Yi-kyung VS “I Am SOLO” Empathetic Lee Yi-kyung

Along with the success of tvN’s Mon-Tue drama “Marry My Husband”, Lee Yi-kyung has become one of the hottest actors recently with his character of a trash husband. Other than acting, the actor is also showcasing his presence on entertainment programs, such as SBS Plus ENA’s “I Am SOLO” and MBC’s “Hangout With You”.

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◆ “Marry My Husband” Lee Yi-kyung – The worst husband on Earth

In the popular drama “Marry My Husband”, which recently reached a viewer rating peak of 11%, Lee Yi-kyung is acting as Park Min-hwan, the worst husband who has an affair with his wife Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young)’s best friend Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon).

During the scrip reading, Lee Yi-kyung expressed worries about his own character, saying “Min-hwan’s lines are all severe. I’m devoted to it because it’s my role. Many lines will be impactful if they go online. I even wondered, ‘Is this guy okay?’”. 

Marry My Husband” Trash Husband Lee Yi-kyung

At the press conference for the drama, the actor hinted at Park Min-hwan’s ‘trash’ image, saying “I hate him even when I watch the drama. Please criticize him more. I know the drama will be loved a lot”, adding that he would go home and take the remote control away because he was afraid that his mom would be so surprised.

Lee Yi-kyung’s concern is reasonable. Everything about Park Min-hwan is bad, from the fact that he has an affair with Jung Soo-min behind Kang Ji-won, who is fighting cancer, and even tries to claim insurance money. When Kang Ji-won caught his affair right on the spot of the secret date, Park Min-hwan commits murder and brutally ends Kang Ji-won’s first life. Right from the first episode, the actor made a strong impression with the line, “What can you do now? You’re going to die anyway”.

Marry My Husband” Trash Husband Lee Yi-kyung

In Kang Ji-won’s second life, Park Min-hwan shows a bad attitude even towards his affair partner Jung Soo-min and attempts to murder Kang Ji-won at the order of Oh Yu-ra (BoA), making the viewers go speechless.

Lee Yi-kyung perfectly portrayed such a bad character with his realistic acting. His performance was excellent to the extent that some people spread rumors that this would be his last character before retirement.

◆ “I Am SOLO” Lee Yi-kyung – The right man in the right place

Lee Yi-kyung showed a different appearance on entertainment shows “I Am SOLO” and “Hangout with Yoo”. Park Min-hwan is only a scripted character in a drama, while the real Lee Yi-kyung is completely the opposite of that.

Appearing in the dating program “I Am SOLO”, where solo men and women who want to get married gather and struggle to find love, as an MC along with Defcoon and model Song Hae-na, Lee Yi-kyung impresses viewers with his dandy side and empathetic ability. He takes the side of the cast member in the right place and gives advice from the audience’s point of view sometimes while fulfilling his role as an MC.

Marry My Husband” Trash Husband Lee Yi-kyung

In “Hangout With Yoo”, Lee Yi-kyung vitalizes the atmosphere with his funny charms as well as witty remarks and actions. He also showcases harmonious chemistry with Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Joo Woo-jae, Lee Mi-joo, and Park Jin-joo. 

Praising Lee Yi-kyung, PD Kim Jin-young shared in an interview, “He has great energy and social skills that have a good influence on the members. He will always be the first person to initiate chats in the group chat room. I think Yi-kyung can become the focus point. He’s very friendly and he never gets tired.”

Source: Nate

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