“Marry My Husband” Releases Still Cut Of Song Ha-yoon Who Wants To Steal Everything From Park Min-young

Song Ha-yoon will transform into a two-faced character who attempts to steal the life of her best friend (Park Min-young)

tvN’s new Mon-Tue drama “Marry My Husband” tells about a murdered woman returning to 10 years ago after witnessing an affair between her husband and best friend and experiencing her second life.

Expectations for the drama’s first broadcast are rising as the teaser video hints at a four-people relationship and their bloody fates on the Virgin Road. The first still cut of Song Ha-yoon as Jung Soo-min were also unveiled and gained favorable responses from viewers.

song ha yoon

In the drama, Jung Soo-min is the only friend of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young). This character hides her bad inner side and gets what she wants with her pure appearance and clumsiness.

Jung Soo-min’s shameless attitude as she does not hesitate to use any means, such as telling lies and spreading fake stories, to get whatever she desires is expected to increase viewers’ immersion in the drama. This character will give off a sense of reality that people may have seen in their surroundings at least once. In particular, Jung Soo-min wants to have everything, including friends and work, that belongs to her best friend Kang Ji-young, whom she has been with since they were young. Eventually, she even reaches out to Kang Ji-young’s husband Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung).

Park Min Young

The released still cut shows the cold expression of Jung Soo-min, which is completely opposite from her bright and good face when standing in front of her best friend Kang Ji-won. The photo captivates drama fans as it clearly reveals the second face of Jung Soo-min with desires hidden behind her lovely smile. 

Jung Soo-min’s bad deeds of attempting to steal others’ lives will not only shock everyone but also double the intense catharsis of Kang Ji-won’s revenge when living her second life. Attention is focused on how Song Ha-yoon will transform into Jung Soo-min and portray this two-faced character realistically.

Song Ha-yoon’s acting performance, which is expected to maximize the tension of this revenge story, can be found in “Marry My Husband”, which premieres at 8:50 p.m. on January 1st, 2024.

Source: Daum

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