MAMAMOO’s Solar confesses to experiencing hair loss “Was her schedule too much?”

MAMAMOO’s Solar confessed to experiencing hair loss

On Oct 4th, Solar shared her current status through the fan messaging platform Bubble. She revealed that she started experiencing hair loss symptoms due to stress from her recent activities.

Solar shared photos showing her scalp with some hair loss. It was her hairstylist who first noticed her hair loss.

mamoo solar

She reassured fans, “There’s nothing to worry about. I’ll seek treatment.”

Solar explained that it was her own greed and stress that led to her hair loss. However, some fans are concerned about Solar’s schedule and criticize her agency for not managing the activities of the MAMAMOO+ unit, which includes Solar and Moonbyul, properly.

Solar has been extremely active recently, with her solo album “FACE”, debuting as a musical actress, working on MAMAMOO’s album and world tour. She also participated in the first OST for SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Escape of the Seven”. She is currently appearing on the web variety show “2023 Veiled Musician”, which first aired last month.

mamamoo solar

After her debut, Solar captivated fans with powerful vocals as well as unconventional performances like pole dancing and shaved head. She is beloved not only for her performances but also for her natural and unscripted moments.

MAMAMOO+ embarked on an Asia tour last month, starting in Seoul on Sep 16th and touring Southeast Asian and East Asian countries.

They have upcoming fan concerts scheduled at the Orix Theater, Osaka, Japan on Oct 8th and 9th and at the TICC, Taipei, Taiwan on Oct 22nd. Afterward, MAMAMOO+ will hold concerts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Source: Nate

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