From a luxury car to 442g of gold… MAMAMOO Solar boasts about the expensive gift for her parents on her birthday

MAMAMOO Solar gave a big gift to her parents in celebration of her birthday.

On February 16th, Solar uploaded a new video titled “Reaction of my parents when I presented them with the #1 gift – 442g of gold?!” on her Youtube channel ‘Solarsido’.


In the video, Solar said, “February is the month of my birthday. Last year in Solarsido, I gave my parents a big gift”, mentioning the expensive car she gave her parents. 


Solar then said, “This year, I was also thinking about what gift to give to my parents and I looked up on the Internet the #1 gift parents like and prepared ‘that’”. The female singer then revealed that she purchased gold directly from a jewelry store.

Later when her parents came to her house, Solar said, “It’s my birthday so I prepared a gift”, then handed over the gift.


Looking at the gift box, Solar’s mother assumed that it was cosmetics, and her father guessed that it was a bracelet. Solar explained, “My birthday is February 21st. So it’s 221g each”.

Solar’s father said, “I think mom will steal it”, drawing laughter. Her mother reacted, “I won’t steal it”.

Source: nate

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