MAMAMOO Hwasa Departs RBW as Exclusive Contract Expires

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is leaving RBW following the expiration of her exclusive contract.

RBW, the agency of MAMAMOO, announced on June 27th, “Hwasa’s exclusive contract recently expired. After careful discussions, we have reached a mutual agreement with Hwasa to put a beautiful end to our journey together.

Regarding MAMAMOO’s future activities, RBW said, “We will continue to support Hwasa so that she can pursue her own path and continue with MAMAMOO’s unique style.”

Lastly, RBW added, “We sincerely thank Hwasa for the time she has spent with us, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to her for her contributions. We also ask for a lot of support and encouragement for Hwasa as she continues to shine in various fields.”

Hwasa is reportedly signing an exclusive contract with P-Nation, led by Psy. In response to this, P-Nation stated, “It is not confirmed that Hwasa has signed an exclusive contract with us.

Hwasa debuted as a member of MAMAMOO in June 2014 and has received much love through both group and solo activities. 

Source: daum

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