The male and female idols who went viral for looking alike 5 years ago finally met each other 

NCT’s Jungwoo and WJSN’s Seola, whose faces look so much alike that many people thought they were siblings, finally met each other on a broadcast.

WJSN appeared on MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, which aired on the afternoon of July 9th, to perform the comeback stage for their new song “Last Sequence”, which was released on July 5th.

On this day, WJSN member Seola met with NCT’s Jung-woo, who is active as “Music Core” MC, in a comeback interview to introduce the girl group’s new song.

The two-shot scene of the two idols, who have been said to have similar appearances since 2018, was seen on a broadcast for the first time, drawing explosive reactions from fans and netizens.

Jungwoo and Seola, whose similar visuals have been acknowledged by WJSN and NCT members, boast fantastic chemistry just by standing next to each other. Both impress the viewers with their white skin, high nose, as well as pretty jawlines. 

In particular, Jungwoo and Seola amaze many people as they both have puppy eyes and an innocent vibe. The two gave off an atmosphere of twin siblings by wearing white clothes and showing similar facial expressions. 

As Seola and Jung-woo, who had never appeared on TV shows together despite being mentioned together for their visual resemblances many times, finally faced each other, fans showed enthusiastic responses, such as “Since they’re standing next to each other, I think they look even more alike”.

Meanwhile, WJSN performed their new song “Last Sequence” on the same day and drew attention with a spectacular stage and amazing singing skills. “Last Sequence” is a pop dance song featuring wild bass lines, drums and synths. The members’ delicate and refreshing vocals clearly expressed the summer vibe. 

Source: insight

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