Female Kpop idols who had plastic surgery to improve their visuals

Cosmetic surgery is a common thing in the idol world, especially to female Kpop idols. 

Alongside talent, appearance is a crucial element in the Kpop world. That’s why many female idols have opted for plastic surgery to look perfect in the audience’s eyes. 

Sakura Hyolyn
Not pleased with their own visuals, some Kpop idols decided to “fix” parts of their faces. 

Probably the sexiest Kpop artist, Jessi pursues a seductive and free-spirited image, which is reminiscent of singers in the West. However, the rapper once shared that plastic surgery is something she still regrets today. According to Jessi, she rushed to make the decision under her agency’s urge and her uninformed wish to look better. 

Jessi’s pretty face before getting beauty procedures. 

“Before debut, I was not photogenic at all. My company said I would look less intense with an eye job, but after I got the double lid procedure, I only looked fiercer. The first time I see my face after surgery, I bursted out into tears”, the rapper said. 

Jessi’s slim body and cute face before plastic surgery. 
Her much fiercer look now. 

Famous in both Korea and Japan, Sakura drew a lot of attention upon debuting with LE SSERAFIM. However, many questions were raised about the idol’s visuals, with some suspecting that Sakura had got a nose job and other minor procedures. They also added that Sakura looked way better during her days with IZ*ONE, and whatever surgeries the idol had was probably not for the better. 

People have been saying that Sakura looks different compared to before.
After her time in Korea, the female idol now looks much sharper.

According to netizens, while Sakura indeed has stronger features than before, her appearance has lost its uniqueness. They preferred the more feminine and dreamy Sakura during her time in IZ*ONE, Produce 48, and HKT48

Sakura was a whole visual shock before debuting with LE SSERAFIM

As “Bboom Bboom” became the talk of town in 2019, Momoland’s JooE also rose to fame. This female idol, unlike others, proudly admitted to having had plastic surgery, and only received praise for it. According to netizens, JooE’s visuals improved considerably after her nose job. 

JooE’s visuals in the past were not highly regarded. 

Now, the female idol is a completely different story with an outstanding appearance. Her change from blonde hair to darker hair colors also amplified her looks. It seems that JooE made a smart decision with her cosmetic surgery. 

JooE now boasts a stunning appearance. 
Black hair really highlighted the idol’s features. 
The smokey dye also amplified the beauty of JooE. 

Members of the famous Kpop group Sister also freely shared their experiences with plastic surgeries. Hyolyn, for starters, admitted on the show “Star Family Show Mamma mia” that she got a double lid surgery. The change really enhanced her eyes and made the idol more intense than originally. 

Hyolyn in the past and her fierce look in the present. 

Another member, Soyou, also discussed her procedures on the talk show “Radio Star”. To the surprise of the audience, the female idol admitted that she has visited a plastic surgeon after reading negative comments about her looks. 

Soyou improved her looks via plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgery isn’t exactly welcomed by the public, but many idols have settled on this option to look more pleasant. While fans express regrets over some cases, they largely understand their idols’ decision. 

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