Lucas (NCT) was criticized by Korean netizens for only hand-writing his apology letter in Chinese

Many people realize the difference in the speed of SM’s reaction to Lucas’s scandal compared to what happened to Chanyeol a year ago.

Thus, after more than a day of silence, both Lucas (NCT) and his management company SM Entertainment have recently given feedback on the love scandal that has stirred both Kbiz and Cbiz in recent days. Through the letter posted on his personal Instagram, Lucas admitted his wrongdoings, apologized to the victims, fans, group members, and management company staff. He announced the temporary suspension of activities to reflect on his own mistakes.


In the official announcement not long after, SM Entertainment once again apologized for Lucas’s private life issues, asserting that they are aware of their responsibility for the shortcomings in the artists’ management process. Recognizing the seriousness of this issue, SM has also decided to postpone all plans to release Lucas-related content, including the MV and digital music of the single “Jalapeño” performed by Lucas and Hendery, which has been scheduled to be released today at 6 pm KST.

While a part of international fans are still diligently trending hashtags to protect Lucas even after he has admitted his past wrongdoings, the apology letter was posted on Instagram by the NCT member made the Korean online community even more furious. The reason is that although the caption on Instagram is written in both Chinese and Korean, in which the Korean part is translated by others while the apology in Chinese was a hand-written letter. This makes many Korean netizens angry because they think that the male idol is looking down on Korean audiences even though he works for a Korean entertainment company and also has activities in the Korean music market.

Not only Lucas but also SM Entertainment received a wave of heavy criticism from netizens after this incident. Compared to what happened to Chanyeol (EXO) last October, many people think that SM’s speed of admitting and apologizing is much faster this time because they don’t want to offend Chinese fans who are famous for the generous spending for their idol’s activities.

Earlier, a revelation from an SM employee showed the turmoil in this company after 3 girls in a row spoke out to expose Lucas. According to this SM staff, they received an urgent summons from the group leader at 4 am this morning (August 25), most likely to quickly come up with a solution to the crisis for this scandal before officially announced to the public.

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