“Love Interfere Season 3”: This boyfriend made his girlfriend follow the “style and life pattern” of his female co-worker using self-improvement as an excuse

On this week episode of “Love Interfere Season 3”, The story of this boyfriend who tries to change his girlfriend’s style from head to toe angers many.

In the 128th episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment program “Love Interfere Season 3,” which aired on Jun 14th, the story of A, a woman in her 20s, was told. A briefly broke up with her boyfriend B in order to focus on the preparation for finding a job, and reunited again after being employed.

Love Interfere Season 3

In the meantime, B, who got a job at a large company, tried to change A’s style according to what he wanted, unlike before. B gave A clothes, lipstick, and earrings that were completely different from A’s taste, and in A’s mind, as she had to wear a style that she didn’t want, she became increasingly uncomfortable.

Love Interfere Season 3

B even tried to change A’s favorite coffee by saying, “If you drink espresso, you will look good somehow,” to A, who usually doesn’t drink espresso. In addition, B recommended A to study English and exercise and took her to the gym where his female co-worker went.

Love Interfere Season 3

Tired of her boyfriend’s continuous demands, A honestly confessed, saying, “Can’t we just date comfortably like how we used to?” Then B said, “I’ve compared you with other people a lot since I reunited with you. Why are you still in the same place, unlike everyone else? Do you want to keep living like that? Then you’ll be eliminated,” he said with a stern look.

Love Interfere Season 3

In the end, A even changed her clothes style and acted according to B’s request. However, after that, A found out that a female co-worker, who goes to the same gym as B, has a style that is similar to her from head to toe. That female co-worker even favored drinking espresso.

A was angry and upset, saying, “My boyfriend tried to change me according to the style of his female co-worker.” After hearing the story, model Joo Woo-jae guessed, “Seems like her boyfriend had tried to approach that co-worker, but it didn’t work out,” and author Kwak Jung-eun said, “He is just using A as the next best thing.”

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