LOONA gave a delightful reversal, brought a totally different “Shake It” to “Queendom 2”

For the girl group LOONA, ranking 6th in the first competition of “Queendom 2” was only a stepping stone to gain momentum. 

LOONA appeared on the Mnet survival program Queendom 2“, which was broadcast on April 14th, and performed their stage for the 2nd battle.

LOONA appeared on “Queendom 2”, but they couldn’t make it to the first competition. As almost all of the members were tested positive, they were unable to go on stage. In the end, they withdrew and had to receive 6th place in the first round. Afterward, LOONA still surprised the audience with their stage for “PTT“, which they wanted to show during the first round. Their performance reminiscent of assassins in the arrangement of Korean traditional music left a strong impression.

Queendom 2 LOONA

LOONA was chosen by Hyolyn in the 2nd round – cover song battle. Determined to show more of themselves, LOONA has chosen “Shake it” of Hyolyn, who has presented many powerful performances and girl-crush songs in the past. LOONA was fully prepared after learning the point choreography from Hyolyn herself.

Queendom 2 LOONA

As the group has many members, it was not easy for them to coordinate different opinions. However, as they have worked together for a long time, through accumulated know-how, the choreography and performance details were matched under the leadership of “General Manager Ha” Yves and “Team Leader Jeon” Hee-jin. LOONA staked their life and death on “Queendom 2“, and went on stage as everyone watched them with high expectations.

Queendom 2 LOONA

The “Shake it” stage performed by LOONA was a series of reversals. They arranged the original song with a refreshing feeling into a fresh and bright track. The performance was presented under the format of a musical, satisfying both the audience’s eyes and ears. They completed the “Shake it” stage that only LOONA can do by making use of the details with their gestures and facial expressions that match the mood of the song.

Queendom 2 LOONA

After seeing LOONA’s stage, Hyolyn said, “I can feel that they have put a lot of thought into this. They showcased all of their sincerity on stage,” she praised. VIVIZ said, “They are a team that usually shows powerful performances, but we didn’t expect they would create such a bright and refreshing stage. This stage stands out and stayed in our memory.”

In this cover song round, LOONA has tried to capture two important things: popularity and a concept that they could digest well. With the solid basics accumulated over a long period of time, their concept and the song’s popularity were harmonized to achieve a perfect triple beat. Through this, LOONA”s own “Shake it” was born, adding tension to “Queendom 2” with a delightful reversal and making the audience look forward to the next one.

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