Lizzy (After School) cried and apologized for causing the drunk driving accident, “This life has ended”

Lizzy (After School) burst into tears while expressed her feelings about her drunk driving scandal.

On September 14, Lizzy (After School) went on Instagram live and opened up about her feelings: “I’m sorry for disappointing you. I tried to put these thoughts into words, but it didn’t seem to work.”

Lizzy said, “I didn’t think the articles would turn out that bad. It’s like telling people to die.”


She continued to share how she is suffering because of malicious comments: “Everyone has their own hard times in life. At this moment, many people are telling me to risk my life with a negative choice.”

Lizzy burst into tears while saying, “I did something wrong. I acknowledge my wrongdoing, and I’m really sorry. That’s why I turn on this live broadcast.”

In the end, Lizzy turned off her live broadcast by saying, “I can’t take it anymore… This life has ended.”

Earlier on May 18, at around 10:12 PM KST, Lizzy was driving her own car near the intersection of the southern end of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. Then she suddenly crashed into a taxi from behind.


It is reported that Lizzy’s blood-alcohol level at the time of the accident was over 0.08%, which caused her driving license to be revocated. Luckily, it was just a small accident, so neither Lizzy nor the taxi driver was injured.

Lizzy’s company, Celltrion Entertainment, issued an official apology, saying, “We deeply apologize for the incident. We feel that we have to take heavy responsibility for the inexcusable wrongdoing of our artist.”

After that, Lizzy was sent to the prosecution on charges of drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act. The first trial for her case will be held on September 27.   

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