Liu Yifei’s “new boyfriend” got his career sabotaged after turning down a gay official?

The actor who co-stars with Liu Yifei in “Meet Yourself” faced various difficulties in his life and career. 

“Meet Yourself” not only marks the return of Liu Yifei on the Chinese small screen, but also her on-screen “boyfriend” Li Xian. In this series, Li Xian assumes the role of Xie Zhi Yao, who gave up the big city to start a tourism business in the countryside. He then meet and developed an interest in Xu Hong Dou (Liu Yifei), who has vast knowledge in the hotel industry. Slowly but sure, the two got into a relationship, rekindling hope in each other and healing each other’s wounds. 

Li Xian plays the male lead of “Meet Yourself”.

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Compared to Liu Yifei, who usually faces criticisms for her acting, Li Xian has a much more stable performance, and boasts a masculine appearance. The actor majored in performance at Beijing Film Academy, and graduated in 2010. He then made his acting debut with the 2012 “Feng Shui”, and soon after received a major acting nomination at the Beijing Film Festival. However, it was not until the 2019 drama “Go Go Squid!” did the actor finally gain his well-deserved popularity. 

li xian
Li Xian debuted with a minor role in “Feng Shui” 
windy place
He later gained popularity via “Go Go Squid!” 
li xian
Unfortunately, Li Xian’s life and career has always been filled with difficulties. 

In particular, rumors have it that Li Xian used to be “banned” from the acting industry after getting involved with the vice president of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. At the time, it was said that the vice president was interested in Li Xian and wanted to “sponsor” him. However, Li Xian turned him down with extremely harsh words, and it was said that he even got physicals with high officials at a party with the aforementioned “sponsor”. As a result, his career was sabotaged, leading to an unfortunate decline. 

li xian
The vice-president of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation was interested in Li Xian and sabotaged his career after being rejected

Of course, all of the aforementioned are rumors and speculations, seeing that Li Xian never spoke up about any of those. Even after “Go Go Squid”, his career did not vastly improve, and many of Li Xian’s projects never even got to see the light of day. “Siege in Fog”, for example, is constantly delayed with various “scheduled release dates” that never fall through. 

On July 19th, 2022, streaming platform iQIYI suddenly published the first 6 episodes of “Siege in Fog”, only to take everything down 1 hour later. It was no exaggeration to say that Li Xian’s fans went through a whole emotional roller coaster that day. 

li xian
“Siege in Fog” was took down after 1 hour 

Luckily, unlike many other of these projects, “Meet Yourself” was released after less than 1 year since filming was finished, and here, Li Xian did a wonderful job alongside Liu Yifei. 

Nevertheless, the actor is still embroiled in various controversies, such as downgrading the LGBTQ+ community, following adult stars on SNS, even insulting women (particularly Tang Wei) and getting involved in various “love scandals”. In addition, while his portrayal in “Meet Yourself” was excellent, topicality surrounding him is still lesser than that of Liu Yifei. 

li xian
Li Xian made a lot of controversial remarks 
li xian
Now in his 30s, Li Xian’s popularity has suffered 

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