Lisa Appears Tired After Her Last Public Crazy Horse Performance – How Did Her Mother React?

The third performance by Lisa (BLACKPINK) at Crazy Horse continues to be the center of attention

On the morning of October 1st (Korean time), Lisa (BLACKPINK) successfully completed her 3rd performance at the famous Crazy Horse Club in France. It is known that the recent performance by the youngest member of BLACKPINK started about 30 minutes later than scheduled but still ended successfully. After the show, the 1997-born idol spent time interacting with and signing autographs for fans outside the nightclub. Notably, Lisa appeared somewhat tired, but she remained friendly, interacting with the audience, and kept a smile on her face.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

In particular, Lisa’s mother appeared in the fans’ cameras at the venue when she came to watch her beloved daughter’s recent performance at the strip club. The expressions of the female idol’s mother after leaving the show quickly garnered significant attention from the public. From videos recorded by the audience, it was not difficult to notice the happy expression on the face of BLACKPINK’s member’s mother as she left the famous nightclub.

Lisa revealed herself after completing her final performance at Crazy Horse nightclub. In front of the camera, the popular idol subtly showcased her slim waist.

BLACKPINK’s youngest member appeared somewhat tired, but she continued to smile when she saw her fans. In her latest appearance, the beauty continued to earn points with her friendliness and warmth, interacting joyfully and enthusiastically with fans after the performance.

Lisa sent blowing kisses to the fans waiting for her outside the nightclub. It is known that the number of fans who came to support the female singer that day was even larger than the previous two nights.

Lisa’s mother also came to watch her beloved daughter’s recent performance. BLACKPINK’s member’s mother appeared cheerful, clearly showing a happy face.
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