Line distribution issues resurfaced in BLACKPINK’s latest comeback

While “PINK VENOM” is visually spectacular and catchy, uneven line distribution is still an apparent matter.

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BLACKPINK officially returned to K-pop after a long absence. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube)
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Line distribution among group members in music videos is a hotly debated matter among fans. (Image: YG Entertainment, Naver) 


Jennie is regarded as the member with the most distributed lines in BLACKPINK. In “PINK VENOM”, she came in first place with 56 seconds of lines. 

Jennie had the most lines in the recently released “PINK VENOM” music video. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube)
blackpink line distribution
The singer had a share of 56 seconds of line in the new MV. (Image: Wavemoonk) 

The group’s fan base is pleased to see Jennie having the spotlight to showcase her rapping. She performed the rapping alongside Lisa to create a rap feature that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie and Lisa performed a rap feature that could not be more catchy in the song. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube) 

Jennie is usually thought to be the member with the most line distribution, despite not being the main vocalist, shown most prominently as in her top line proportion in “See You Later”. The idol, in fact, does experience uneven line distribution. Most exemplarily, in “Ready For Love” and “How You Like That”, Jennie was not even seen rapping. 

blackpink line distribution
Jennie had most of the line distribution in the group’s song. (Image: Meta Chart) 
blackpink line distribution
Jennie stood at the top of line distribution ranking in BLACKPINK’s songs. (Image: Meta Chart) 
Jennie did not rap in “How You Like That”. (Image: Pinterest) 


Lisa is also one of the members with the most line distribution in most of BLACKPINK music videos. She sang the most lines in songs such as “Playing With Fire”, “As If It’s Your Last”, “How You Like That”. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa has  4 songs where she has the most lines. (Image: Lisa BLACKPINK Vietnam Fanpage) 
blackpink line distribution
Her line portion in “Playing With Fire” was at 28.8%. (Image: Meta Chart) 
blackpink line distribution
Lisa still has her chance to show off her vocal abilities, despite being a main dancer. (Image: YouTube: Pirate Myoui) 

Lisa had her spotlight in “PINK VENOM” where her distributed lines took up 49.43 seconds. Not only could she showcase her immaculate dancing skills but her vocal capacities as well. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s lines in “PINK VENOM” were more favorable in comparison to other vocalists in the grouo. (Image: Lisa BLACKPINK Vietnam Fanpage) 


While being a main vocalist herself, Rosé has not had many chances to convey her capabilities in recent songs. In the group’s latest song “PINK VENOM”, Rosé was only able to contribute to the song for 29 seconds, perplexing many of her fans. Taking charge of the main vocal position, fans believe the idol deserved more in regards to line distribution. 

blackpink rosé
Rosé’s line duration was around 29 seconds although she is the main vocalist of the group. (Image: YouTube: BLACKPINK)
blackpink rosé
Fans are bewildered by her current situation. (Image: Rosé BLACKPINK Vietnam Fanpage) 

Fortunately, this has not always been the case. In BLACKPINK’s many other songs, Rosé is still the member with the most spotlight, including 6 songs: “BOOMBAYAH”, “Stay”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “Kill This Love”, “Lovesick Girls” and “Ready for Love”. 

blackpink line distribution
Rosé took the first place in line distribution for most songs. (Image: Meta Chart) 
blackpink line distribution
She had the highest proportion of 36.6% in BLACKPINK’s “Stay”. (Image: Meta Chart) 


Jisoo only had 26 seconds to show off her vocal abilities in BLACKPINK’s latest comeback, leaving her with the fewest lines in “PINK VENOM”.

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo attracted attention with her  Geomungo (Korea’s string instrument) scene at the start. (Image: YouTube BLACKPINK)
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo’s distributed lines totaled 26 seconds. (Image: Jisoo BLACKPINK Vietnam Fanpage) 

Unfortunately, the situation has persisted for many eras of BLACKPINK’s released albums and tracks. She is usually the member with the least or closest to least in line proportion. Despite having a swooning vocals and stunning visuals, the idol has not had her solo debut yet. 

blackpink line distribution
Jisoo could only have 10.4% to show off her vocals in “Forever Young”. (Image: Meta Chart) 
blackpink line distribution
“Kick It” is a rare song where Jisoo was able to showcase her voice, coming in second regarding line distribution. (Image: Meta Chart) 

While “PINK VENOM” is praised to be BLACKPINK’s grand comeback with more timely and proper investment from YG, the company themselves are not able to create a more balanced distribution of lines among members, making it harder for each to contribute to the songs as a group. Fans are hoping for YG to continue to deal with the issue more wisely in future comebacks. 

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