Lim Ji Yeon, “I never fall asleep while going to work. I’m thinking of practicing boxing and jiujitsu”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon talked about her daily routine.

The first broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Disarmament”, which aired on August 22nd, featured the first guest, actress Lim Ji Yeon, who recently gained popularity with “The Glory” and “Lies Hidden in My Garden”..

When asked how she spent her time every day, Lim Ji Yeon said, “I never fall asleep while going to work. I keep repeating my liens and try to not feel tired during that time”.

lim ji yeon

When an MC mentioned her viral jajangmyeon eating scene in “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, the actress said, “That scene was calculated meticulously. I focused on eating jajangmyeon to create a chilly feeling. I wanted to portray the emptiness and relief my character feels after the death of her husband”.

Lim Ji Yeon and the two MCs then moved to a cafe. The MCs gave jelly to Lim Ji Yeon, knowing that she likes them. When asked about why she did not care about calories, the actress said, “I work out a lot. I often do weight training. I also exercise to relieve stress”. She continued, “Currently, I don’t have much time, so I only do basic training. Apart from going to the gym, I’m also thinking about practicing boxing and jiujitsu. I always keep myself active so I don’t gain weight”.

lim ji yeon

When asked about things that she’s scared of, Lim Ji Yeon said, “Ghosts”, drawing laughter. She explained, “There was a story. I was driving up a hill alone on a rainy day, and suddenly, I saw a person dressed in all white walking without an umbrella. I made a U-turn to check their identity and it turned out to be just a person”.

Source: Daum

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