Legal statements disclosed, Seungri admitted to prostitution: “As a celebrity, I couldn’t confess”

Seungri was confirmed to have admitted to the prostitution charges during a detention trial four days ago.

On May 18, Channel A News reported the court’s legal statement that Seungri, who has denied the prostitution charges twice in the past, admitted at the court.

In a court’s arrest warrant hearing on May 14, Seungri said “It’s true that I had sex with a hostess at an entertainment establishment and paid her, but I have reflected on myself” and “As an entertainer, I couldn’t admit the charges of prostitution.”

However, he denied charges of arranging 12 sex trading to a group of Japanese investors and the daughter of a foreign football club owner and embezzling approximately 500 million won.

The police plan to send Sungri’s case to the prosecution as early as next week.

Sources: Nate

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