Lee Young’ji’s Sudden Interaction With Ahn Yu-jin At MMA Received Both Praise And Criticism

Singer Lee Young-ji’s “public confession” toward the group Ib Ahn Yu-jin drew a lot of attention

Lee Young-ji appeared at the Melon Music Awards (MMA 2023) held at Inspire Arena in Incheon on December 2nd and won the “Best Female Solo” award.

In this event, Lee Young-ji overwhelmed the concert hall with a live performance of unrivaled skills. The audience also cheered loudly for Lee Young-ji’s powerful rapping and confident attitude, which filled the stage and turned the ceremony into a festival.

Above all, Lee Young-ji’s sudden shout of “Yujin-ah” while singing the line “I’m Lee Young-ji” drew a lot of attention not only on site but also online. Lee Young-ji’s so-called “public confession” and Ahn Yu-jin’s reaction to it also attracted the attention of Internet users.

Ahn Yu-jin was surprised by Lee Young-ji’s sudden shout and couldn’t close her mouth. She covered it with both hands and laughed, then made a hand heart.

lee young-ji

Lee Young-ji didn’t end at once and shouted Ahn Yu-jin’s name out loud several times since then. Regarding this, some Internet users are surprised that Lee Young-ji’s loud shouts. In a calm atmosphere, this action can make the atmosphere on the spot become more exciting, but sometimes it can be deemed “inappropriate.”

Although it is a joking reaction, some criticize that Lee Young-ji’s sudden action of shouting Ahn Yu-jin cut the flow of her performance. However, most Internet users say they are happy to see the friendship between Lee Young-ji and Ahn Yoo-jin.

Source: daum

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